Map body: 7 erogenous zones you didn’t guess

Techno 15 February, 2018

2018-02-15 08:34

Map body: 7 erogenous zones you didn’t guess
If we ask you to name the three most sensitive areas on the body your boyfriend probably, you will say, “Dick, nipples and neck.” But there are others.

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The word “erogenous” comes from the Greek “Eros” which means love. This means that erogenous zones — those places on our body that give love and pleasure. Places having a greater sensitivity than others, reports Rus.Media.


A regular kiss starts a chain of reactions which release a cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters. Normal contact of lips leads to the activation of billions of tiny nerve endings that feed signals to our brain.

Some men can experience orgasm without stimulation of a member — thanks to one kiss only.

The reason is simple: on the lips is a huge number of nerve endings. They are a hundred times more sensitive than our fingers.


Men on the feet also has plenty of nerve endings. Massage for tired legs day is not the only option. For example, you can find it at the foot of a point, which in acupuncture are called “wild brook” (so called).

First warm his feet by wrapping them in a warm towel and rubbed. And then gently apply pressure to the point just below his big toe, between the big pad and the “index toe. It is believed that this point could trigger a sudden sexual desire.


You’ll see, he’ll go crazy, if you give some time it lugs. Better not concentrate on the tip — if you have pierced ears, you know that it is not too sensitive spot, unlike cartilage. Even a slight touch of warm breath, or the tip of the tongue will cause tremors throughout the body.


Men don’t have “G-spot”, but it has a counterpart. Not all men like such a “deep” relationship, so better consult your lover, he is not against prostate massage.

The prostate is located at a depth of two finger phalanges from the anus, the pad of your finger should be aimed in the direction of the member. To touch the prostate is similar to a ball the size of a walnut. A man needs to relax and trust your hands.

If you decide to try to make boyfriend a prostate massage, do not forget to carefully smear the fingers. This procedure not only pleasant but also useful: it improves blood flow to the pelvic organs and the outflow of secretions and seminal fluid.


Light spanking can configure it in a playful manner. Don’t forget that strikes can be dangerous not only for the one beat. Buttocks — not too sensitive spot, but your palm is even very.


Many men and women really like when their hands knead. Buy massage ring “su-Jok”, put it on the finger of the husband and try it on every finger of his hands.

Big toe

We are not accidentally allocated it to a separate erogenous zone because it is considered one of the most mysterious places, which cause a rush of sexual energy. The fact that the area of the brain that receives signals from the thumb is right next to the area that receives signals from the genitals. “Lights” one area and the fire spreads to another. The same principle often works in reverse — stimulation of the genitals rebound “descend” to the big toes.