Mathematics revealed the recipe for perfect roast potatoes

Techno 19 January, 2018

2018-01-19 16:42

Mathematics revealed the recipe for perfect roast potatoes
On YouTube published a video in which the specialists told us how to cook the perfect roast potatoes

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Many users were surprised by the existence of formulas and graphs that present in the video, upon which you have to cut the potatoes to the desired angle, reports Rus.Media.

Experts in the field of mathematics has calculated the perfect angles of the cut potatoes that will allow the potato slices prioritise to the ideal state. Experts claim that the standard method of cutting potatoes into four pieces, dividing one vertical and one horizontal incisions, is wrong.

In their study of mathematics has prepared 100 servings of potatoes cooked with classic and innovative method. All participants of the tasting argued that the method of experts in the field of mathematics really works.

Meanwhile, healthy meals during the promotion received a lot of myths. Even the potatoes have not paid attention to “experts”. And you still believe that? Potatoes and all food from it appeared in the list of “banned” for those who want to have a perfect body, but is it really so harmful?