Meizu Pro 7: Its back color screen confirmed by the brand

Techno 21 July, 2017

Meizu continues to teaser his Pro 7 on social networks. This time it was her secondary color screen that she confirmed.

The Meizu Pro 7 will be officialized on July 26 in China. And the closer one gets to the presentation, the more valuable information is provided by the brand. A few hours ago, meltyStyle was sharing 4 photos taken with its double rear sensor. Posted by the senior vice president on Weibo, they testified to the quality of the smartphone in this area, especially in low light. But now it’s the turn of its secondary screen to be confirmed .. It will be in color, not e-ink as some rumors had evoked.

Preview in a leaked image at the beginning of the week, the secondary screen of the Meizu Pro 7 was no longer in doubt. One wondered only if it would have a color display, or rather an e-ink display. An interrogation that the brand has just lifted, validating the first option by means of an image posted on the Twitter account of Flyme. Otherwise, the Meizu Pro 7 would have a 5.2-inch Full HD or QHD AMOLED display, a Helio X30 processor, and 4 or 6 GB of RAM, among others. The Meizu Pro 7 Plus that should be presented at the same time would be entitled to a slightly bigger screen, exactly 5.7 inches. D-7 to get the heart clear.