Melty Future Awards 2017: ZeratoR, Tars, Vinsky and other exceptional gamers will be there!

Techno 2 February, 2017

The biggest names in the JV and eSport scene will be present at the MFA.
You all know now because you already for your favorite gamer appointed melty Future Awards 2017 (otherwise go on to support your favorite by accessing the voting platform MFA 2017 here ). All gamers / streamers that will 2017 in the field of video game will be present at the ceremony of the MFA which will take place on stage at the Grand Rex on 6 February.
Will present the famous ZeratoR who, after years of stream in various structures is now an independent with the most success. Of course, Torlk & Marmot , Tars and Odemian will be present to represent the French scene of Hearthstone . League of Legend will not be left out with Chips & Noi , while FIFA fans will have the opportunity to see Vinz and Vinsky ! You will have understood, the ceremony will send heavy level personality to follow this year. Who would you like to see at the Melty Future Awards 2017?
To vote for personalities that will make 2017 according to you, go quickly on the platform of melty Future Awards , in partnership with NT1 and Fun Radio !