Men, always stick to your plan!

Techno 29 January, 2018

2018-01-29 12:31

Men, always stick to your plan!
Women follow their men! Signs of a real man.

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And then she’d be the one you need!, reports Rus.Media.

11 signs of a real man

1. The humor and dialogue is the starting point. Can you be dumb like your Lada Priora, may not have on hand expensive watches, but the humor must have.

Must be able to remind her that her eyes are the sea in which you’re ready to drown, and that you don’t need Nutella with the arrival of her lips in your life. Without your words, her world will be unsuccessful, as boiled rice.

You will always lose to those who can to make her laugh, no matter how much money you had

2. “Work together? Resolve issues” (the film “the Oligarch”). If a girl in any unclear situation calls for you — this item is mastered. Women have to RUB in strange circles, know the right people, and what to do in an accident. Not to mention the light bulb in the bathroom. There’s a husband. He is the wall behind which stands a woman (not Vice versa).

3. I’m the host, you fall. Strong women tear off the tape, but each of them would feel weak and not solve anything (just men is not strong enough). The responsible choice is always a man. This does not mean that she sucks from fear, to say a word, it means she can relax because she’s not alone.

4. Snot for coplac. You can have problems. They all have, but they are not for her ears. Solve them, fight, but to let the snot on her shoulder you’re not allowed. She can cry, be afraid and tired. In a very close relationship share possible, but then a wise girl often she sees all, understands and tries not to fucking brain, her tender cheek against your powerful chest. Whining leave their children (Kinder surprise)

5. Her orgasm, on you. Learn to feel and listen to her body. To earn and protect is good for you, but her orgasm, it’s your stamp on the document. Without it, the document is not valid.

6. Etiquette is not a bonus but a necessity. Unless of course you want the word “man” meant more than a dick between your legs. Don’t forget who holds the door, carries the heavy, enters the Elevator first, puts on her coat and stands up when she enters . You can lose many morals and traditions, getting rid of social progress , but there are things that make you a noble variety of the male is called a “Real Man”. Etiquette is one of them. Better to be sexist than a pig. (not sure I know the rules of etiquette — Google you not only to porn search.)

7. Flowers for the holiday. They are the occasion. No need to turn this into a routine, but don’t need to wait for the 8th of March. Get her flowers, not on occasion, but for what it is.

Floral mini instruction:

Your bouquet is not obliged to cost 10 thousand rubles, and to be of roses. Classic roses — cliché that makes you restricted in her eyes. There are field daisies, simple, tulips, sunflowers, peonies, and hundreds of types, whose names I can not pronounce, but the urge posibility.

Don’t be afraid of colors and flowers (if you really colorblind — take the sunflowers. It is certainly better than rose).

8. You know not fear. She does not know your fear, and in this case, she knows no fear while you are around. It is more expensive Bentley

9. You are stronger. While this is so, it’s yours. You can be gentle, can give in and indulge, but you have to stay where you are, with your faith, principles, tastes and interests. You, your heart might belong to her, but you are not a slave. Give her freedom and this woman is gone (even if it is nearby.) Formidable rule, the error that hits almost every romantic Pisyun in his first relationship.

10. Do your thing. Work. A good man — not a profession. Even if you’re 18 and no woman wants to see the future, your desire to be someone, and actions that lead to the goal.

11. No money to Pushkin, don’t be. Take me where you will be able to pay for both. No one asks to translate it finances itself on the first day of meeting, but to live a half ass the score — destiny unfinished.

Love and love will smooth a lot, but some things still have to do, if not for yourself, then at least for her, because true love is when you’re ready to sacrifice his egoism.

PS. Men, always stick to your plan. Women follow their men.