Mercury will be knocked out of orbit and there will be an Apocalypse

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-12-20 13:34

Mercury will be knocked out of orbit and there will be an Apocalypse
The sun will expand, engulfing the Earth.

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Experts insist on the new version of events in the Solar system, reports Rus.Media.

Modern scholars have offered countless options of end of the world. Moreover, many of them even tied to specific dates. The last, and yet, from the point of view of experts, the most likely version is that at one point the Sun will expand to incredible sizes and will consume all the nearest planets. It is unknown what fate awaits the Solar system objects located in the farthest corners, but the planets, nearby from the sun, definitely not be good.

However, the predicted Apocalypse, by far, will not happen so soon in human terms, there is still a few billion years. According to this theory, mercury will be able to avoid such a tragic fate. Although he would be the first on the way the absorption of solar energy, but its decay will determine the fate of the first planet from the Sun. This event is followed by the removal of mercury out of the Solar system will occur on a “slingshot”. Astronomers have identified so gravitational maneuver by which various space vehicles and stations are accelerated up to the necessary speed without consuming too much fuel, and using only momentum.

According to scientists, in the process of what is happening will be broken the whole planetary ecosystem that has evolved over billions of years. But, in any case, check that it will develop one way or another, will be only our descendants through many generations.

By the way, mercury was named as one of the most inconvenient for colonization of planets. “Overtaken” his only Jupiter. What is the rate of consumption on the way to mercury. It may seem strange, but it is easier to fly to Pluto. But to get to the first planet, you will need to overcome the speed in orbit of the Earth (30 km/s), and on the way back to get out of the solar gravity well, which will also require a lot of speed.

Besides, protein life in the mercury simply will not survive the temperature extremes on the planet from +450 degrees during the “eternal day” to -200 degrees “of eternal night.” Mankind is no technology that would allow to cope with such loads, including heavy duty flux of radiation from the Sun.