Most girls dream of a good guy, but not even aware of the consequences..

Techno 2 February, 2018

2017-04-20 15:02

Most girls dream of a good guy, but not even aware of the consequences..
Good guy. .. how much time was spent, when you think about it, wandering in a space of their own thoughts, emotions, illusions

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Most girls dream of a good guy. Some openly declare the desire to get the bad guy, but deep down they are in the ranks of the dreaming. But the relationship with “radical good”, like any extreme, is fraught with a lot of unpleasant surprises. It’s time you learn the main ones, reports Rus.Media.

The nice guy: his true feelings hidden

Human behavior is controlled unconscious installation, learned in early childhood. If the kid is loved and accepted only in case of good behavior, he will forever be fixed the algorithm: to love, to be good. Thus, the child suppressed their feelings and needs in order to receive approval and love from adults.

Now this child grew up and became a man, and the need remained. And it won come out, to produce the woman a good impression, not to hurt, not to offend. If the relationship is real and sincere, that quarrels and conflicts are inevitable. And how to interfere with a man who expresses his self and tries to please you all? The point is, fall out of love or do not love the woman, the man will hide it.

Good guy: vague plans for the future

A decent man is revealing his plans for the future and relationship with a woman. Sometimes these plans are not the same, but this is the norm. There is a base for a decision changes the current state of things, conversations. The good plans are fuzzy. If he really loves, the plans are subject to the interests of women. In fact, his plans – it plans. If you don’t like — physically looks the same, but about the feelings he would say nothing. Conclusion: how to check? The answer is: nothing.

Nice guy focused on your interests

Excessive fixation on the needs and feelings of the partner indicates the absence of self. Simply put, it satisfies you as much as possible because I do not feel anything (or not).

Your relationship standing still

People make alliances because they are better together than apart. Better is more fun, richer, more stable, more interesting, safer, more dynamic. Relationship with good level of inert in the swamp the constant “you like it, honey?”Just wanted to shake the man and bring real emotions… Think about it, there is development, depth, liveliness in a relationship? If the answer is negative, then …

Don’t waste time. Go

You can spend a lot of time on people who will never open for you. And you’ll never know the real him. Whether you want a relationship with incognito?

People go to extremes not just. Relationship with b and the bad guys largely speaks to the woman. After all, the quality of the relationship is her choice. If is in Alliance with pananchai, so for what it is she needs. Have the courage to admit it, for what?

The main reasons for the choice of b + :

  • “Housing problem”: the received material benefits from the partner weightier and more important to you than content and essence of the relationship
  • Self-doubt: you agree to a relationship with this man, because I do not believe that they will cope with difficulties and pitfalls with the “normal” partner
  • Transit options: you understand that the partner is not suitable, but for lack of a better option, you continue the relationship

Whatever you did, do it consciously. Awareness is preventimnomu West from the pain and disappointment when the desired lasted was issued for the reality.