Myth or reality? Grinder running Alexa Amazon

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 14:34

Myth or reality? Grinder running Alexa Amazon
The number of participants of the exhibition CES 2018 reached 4000.

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Among the presented developments special place was occupied by voice assistants. The focus was Alex – the product is Amazon. The brand works closely with appliance manufacturers. The functionality of the voice assistant added team cooking. This suggests that very soon the market will be the blender, grinder and microwave ovens, which will begin hearing the voice of the hostess, reports Rus.Media.

Kitchen devices are now easier life. Preparing your favorite meals takes less time. With voice control gadgets will be more convenient. And while you should pay attention to the functionality and performance of the model. Home appliances – always nice and useful gift. Convenient electric meat grinder is ideal for those who frequently prepares meat dishes. The type and power of this device depends on the consistency, appearance and even the taste of meat. How to choose the right model, we shall understand together.

Fully loaded: indicators of quality

Buying a grinder, is to determine the necessary functionality. Video reviews, and user reviews will help you to understand the models.

Special attention should be paid to:

1. The quality of materials and workmanship. Depends on the durability of the device. Nothing should wobble, creak. The housing may be metal or plastic. The first option is safer, but such a device is heavy and expensive.

2. Motor. His power depends on the speed. You should pay attention to the specified maximum rate, and nominal. Important to have protection from overheating. Almost all modern models have this feature.

3. Knives. It is better to choose the model is not stamped, but cast, samazinajusies. They are made of stainless steel.

4. Nozzle. Grinder is equipped with additional elements. It depends on them functionality.

These 4 criteria can help to choose the right model, which will last a long time.

Stuffing for every taste

To understand how appearance, texture and taste of meat depends on the attachments, get acquainted with their types:

• kibbeh – option for making tubes of meat. If you experiment with toppings, you can create an original dish;

• for shredding vegetables – nozzle, which is put instead of the screw;

• for cutting cubes – a rare species, found in brands Moulinex, Zelmer;

grate for pasta – healthy option homemade pasta;

• attachment hamburger press, which forms the meat into hamburger.

These nozzles are found in different manufacturers. You should pay attention to equipment grinder. Standard meshes are of different sizes. Small – allows you to cook tender meat, large – suitable for hard meat.

Overview models for every budget

Market provides wide choice of powerful and functional electric meat grinders. They are a complete set, quality and value.

• Moulinex ME659132 – gadget with attachments for sausages, kibbeh, berries, tomatoes and dicing. The package includes a tray receiver. Samazinajusies than the reverse make it easier to use. The case is made of plastic with stainless steel. It is a model of an average price category.

• Kenwood MG700 – electric meat grinder with metal housing. It is a powerful model with attachments for sausages and kibbeh.

• Bosch MFW3640A – functional variant with stylish design and function of chopping vegetables. The device is powerful and not too noisy.

• ST-FP8091 – budget model, neat and beautiful. Here is the motor protection from overheating and reverse. Complete nozzle for kibbeh and sausages.