Named five of the most unusual stars in the Universe

Techno 17 December, 2017

2017-12-17 20:58

Named five of the most unusual stars in the Universe
Some stars are distinguished by their shapes and physical properties.

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Astronomers have uncovered the curtain of the most mysterious cosmic objects in the Universe, reaching the TOP 5 of names, reports Rus.Media.

Many scientists still argue, is the gas of the cluster objects, “Strange soup”. These kvarkov stars, as the “Version info”, should be the conductors and the magnetic field that resembles a black hole. Experts believe that such stars formed several billion years ago and located at a distance of a couple million light years.

“Stellar cannibals” is equally unusual star. Group space supergiants has a luminosity ten times higher than solar. The radiation from such an object would be enough to infect all of humanity with cancer just a few seconds. The first information about star appeared in 1977. The proto-star is no less mysterious object. They were formed from Kazinvest with a mass 10 times that of the sun.

Astronomers also select the object called “darkness” for simple understanding. These stars are in black holes, but once in a few million years, they release huge amounts of energy that destroys all living things.