Named the strangest phobia among women

Techno 19 December, 2017

2017-12-19 10:35

Named the strangest phobia among women
Scientists have compiled a list of the most weird phobias in the world, and it turned out that there are women who are afraid of colors!

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It is the fear of colors has become one of the strangest among all the others. It is called Anthrophobia and causes an overwhelming fear of not only certain colors such as roses, but even their leaves or stem, reports Rus.Media.

Symptoms of phobia is very common as other types. A person who is afraid of colors, you may experience dizziness in the head, fever, can not speak and think as clearly, and feels weak.

The reason for not too widespread fear there are certain events in the past associated with these plants and which caused considerable stress.

With phobias need to fight, if they interfere with your normal life.