Names that cannot be called kids in Ukraine and different countries of the world

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 16:18

Names that cannot be called kids in Ukraine and different countries of the world
Ten years ago in Ukraine it was very popular name Anastasia. Today in group of kindergarten or in grade school, at least five Sofi.

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Fashion in baby names is variable. And parents (at least in our country) are not limited in their selection. The baby can be called in honor of an Orthodox Saint, in honor of the famous footballer.

But there are still some limitations, which do not cease to remind departments of marriage registration, and in churches where the baptism of a baby.


It is impossible to give the divine names. Naming a kid Jesus or God, parents are committing blasphemy. By the way, the ancient Slavs, on the contrary, it was customary to call children by names of gods.

The devil’s names (Lucifer, Demon, or Devil) also in our country are not encouraged. It is believed that the parents, calling the child a similar name, outline in advance the path of his life. That is, deprived of its own choice.

Names with negative connotations (a Maniac, a Sadist, etc.) parents, of course, can give. But the way of life of baby with the same name again will be extremely difficult.


The question of how to give the newborn, important for the whole world. And in some countries decide on a legal level.

In Norway, for example, is forbidden to mention the names of the crumbs that indicate disease, sexual terms or likes.

In China, the name chosen by the parents, must approve an official body. Namely: the police, whose representatives issued ID.

In Germany established a special state body which is responsible for the names that parents give to children. Not so long ago was banned the name of Matt due to the fact that the authorities thought in absentia would be difficult to determine the sex of the child.

Denmark went further and created a list of 7 of thousands of names from which parents can choose what I like.

In Portugal was written by a special instruction how to name the child.

In Italy there was a precedent, when parents were forbidden to call girls name is Andrea. In this country it’s a male name. And not to sow confusion, and banned.

In Japan, the name of the child can be allowed 2232 characters (“kanji-names”).