NASA hinted at the approaching end of the world

Techno 8 December, 2017

2017-12-08 15:10

NASA hinted at the approaching end of the world
World UFO assessed the U.S. space Agency NASA, which shows a huge dust column.

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Noted, this destructive space lot was opened in 2004 by the world-renowned Hubble telescope, reports Rus.Media.

On the eve on the official portal of NASA appeared the is in the constellation Carina giant dust pillar. Representatives of the American space Agency called unique publication “photo of the day”, hinting at her beauty and lies inside a devastating horror. According to ufologists, NASA have decided to get involved in the deadly Land of the cosmic mass.

His publication of the American scientists tried to hint to humanity about the coming Apocalypse, according to ufologists. NASA’s assumptions of space explorers did not comment. Note the gigantic dust pillar in the Carina constellation, the first in 2004 found the Hubble telescope. Currently Deplete the weight is 7.5 thousand light-years from Earth and obviously does not threaten the planet.