Near Cairo have discovered the tomb of age of 4.4 million years

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 14:39

Near Cairo have discovered the tomb of age of 4.4 million years
In Egypt, on the Giza plateau near Cairo, archaeologists found a tomb of the age of 4.4 thousand years. This was announced by the Ministry of antiquities of the country.

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According to the report, the tomb was discovered near the necropolis in the West, known as the burial place of the Ancient Kingdom. The scientists said that the tomb belongs to a woman named Chetpet, which archaeologists believe were close to the court of Pharaoh during the reign of the fifth dynasty, reports Rus.Media.

The walls of the tombs made of mud bricks, which shows itself Chetpet, that looks on scenes of hunting and fishing. On one of the frescoes depicts a monkey that collects fruit. In the days of the pharaohs, this animal was a pet. The other was a monkey dancing to the music of the orchestra.

According to the representative of the Egyptian Ministry to find the tomb had to dig up from 250 to 300 cubic meters of earth. The Ministry expressed the hope that it will be able to find more tombs in the area.

Place of burial Chetpet was discovered near the site of the construction of a large Museum, which will exhibit the archaeological finds. The first wing of the Museum is planned to open in 2018. All the construction work I want to finish by 2022. So, in January in the atrium of the Museum was placed on the 45-meter statue of Pharaoh Ramses II. In Egypt believe that the opening of the new Museum, which will be presented both old and new archaeological finds, will again attract tourists.