Necropolis – a city of gold the dead

Techno 28 January, 2018

2018-01-28 19:14

Necropolis – a city of gold the dead
Despite its name, it was built for live, all inlaid with gold and stones.

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Necropolis legendary Ghost city of Golden domes and the dead, reports Rus.Media. Despite its name, it was built for live, all inlaid with gold and stones.

The legend of the city necropolis

1352 BC the Great king of Merzuli wanted to have the city of gold. Previously, none of the rulers could not afford it. But since, the Kingdom has flourished due to the mines of gems and gold, it was decided to build a legendary city. The construction lasted for 15 years. And now the Golden city was built. Golden domes, columns, temples and the Palace of the king. In honor of this, the king invited all his subjects to a feast. A noble feast, overseas food and drink.

While people celebrated, they raided the trouble. The army of the neighbors came to seize the Golden city. The enemies killed them all, did not spare anyone, neither children nor women. Dying a noble warrior vowed to get revenge, and nobody will be able to live in this city.

Enemies lived in the city for only 3 days. The arrival of their king, all were killed, torn apart. Seeing this, the king ordered the closure of a stone dome city. Because it was cursed. All the inhabitants, whom they killed, began to kill the oppressors in the Treasury and gold columns. And called it the necropolis.

Later there is a legend, great-grandson of an illegitimate son of the local king could safely enter the tomb. Blood ghosts are acknowledged and allowed to take some gold from time to time to stay. But, taking 1 sack, never returned. Whether from fear, or shame, or maybe he had what it took.

There was another who visited this city. The Bulletin pulled from the Treasury of the Ice sword for battle with the river monster. But that’s why it did not touch the dead guards? Probably because he already had the sword, which is subject to dead and nobody even joined with him in battle.

Necropolis in modern archaeology

Many archaeologists and treasure hunters seeking to find the necropolis, the one that would empty the Treasury, the other in historical order. There is a perception that there are not only gold and jewels, but precious scrolls, magic items and records from years ago, before the advent of man, when the land ruled by Virgo.

While it is considered one of the most desired cities for findings, but do not forget that this city of the dead, and swords to defeat them can only be a descendant of the king. But who knows if it will be, someday necropolis.