Never share this information with your social networks!

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 10:31

Never share this information with your social networks!
Social networking is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and make new ones. Do not argue, to put their relations on display can be very nice, but only if it is done correctly.

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“Everyone wants to be popular and therefore forget what is privacy when it comes to social networking.. We want to see around all our lives.”

Marc Jacobs

Social networks help us to communicate with friends, family or colleagues. They also affect how most people see their relationships and treat them. To put my whole life on display, and in return receive a lot of likes is a very attractive idea.

Social networks help us to stay in touch with those with whom we are not able to see, but at the same time, they can cause problems in your relationship. There are several things you should not share on social networks when it comes to your relationship. Here are some of them:

Do not expose your sex life on display

Very few people want to know what happens between you and your partner in the bedroom, but those who want, in principle, this should not concern you. Share with everyone how good your partner in bed may seem like a tempting idea, but limit yourself to your close friends or friends. Try not to speak openly about what should stay between you and your partner.

Do not share personal information with your partner

According to Michael Doane, a relationship expert and sexologist, you may share personal information, but not personal information of your partner, as this could be construed as interference in his private life. Each person has what he doesn’t want to share with others, for example his strange habit of sleeping with a soft toy. Even if you think it’s cute your partner may not like it, if you will share it in their social networks. In the end, his colleagues can see it, and your partner will feel uncomfortable at work. Unless you have obtained the consent of your partner, try to minimize personal information that you share in your social networks.

Don’t advertise your arguments

Never expose the display of your arguments. Thus you not only will involve people who have no relationship to the fight, but also put yourself and your partner in an awkward position. Michael also noted that you should never publicly humiliate your partner and share with all social networks your quarrels and problems. When you make it up – you’ll regret it, because after your words, others may get a negative impression about your partner.

Not to involve anyone in your arguments and to work on reconciliation is much better than to take all quarrels from a log hut. In the end, your friends and family members will be on your side and can not objectively describes your partner. Believe me, when you make it up, you’ll be glad you kept only between you.

Do not expose photos of your partner without his permission

When you take pictures of your partner sleeping in a funny position, it may be very nice, but keep these photos on your memory and don’t share them on the social network without his permission. Your partner is unlikely to appeal if the photo where he is asleep and drooling on the pillow from going viral. Especially if you get his permission, you will know that your partner has a good sense of humor and he knows how to laugh at themselves.

Do not joke about your partner on social networks

Aaron Anders, a family therapist, says that if you remember a funny situation in which your partner is caught in the narrow circle of close friends – there is nothing wrong. However, if you share on social networks, you lose the context of the situation and you can’t filter out the audience that will read it. Even if you think it’s funny and cute, your partner will not want to know mom or friends.

When you share a story in their social networks, you can’t convey your tone. You can make fun of his partner in life and he will understand that you just to tease him, but social networks are different. As soon as you put some joke on him, you will not be able to control how he will react to it. Other people will see it, but will not see the context. If you want to tease your partner – make it better through private messages.

Don’t write passive-aggressive comments about your partner

Your partner will be hurt and uncomfortable when he sees such a post. If you are not satisfied with something – tell him personally. You will be able to solve the problem much faster if your partner finds out about it from you and not your post on Facebook or Twitter. Also, you will not be drawn into your drama of others, which is also a plus.

Do not post posts with your partner just for the sake of likes

We all love when our posts in the social networks collect a lot of likes. Moreover, it is possible to become addicted. Try not to put posts on your partner only in order to gain recognition and a lot of likes. For example, a post about how compatible are you with the attached photo which you kiss. If you two are good together, you don’t need anyone’s approval. As soon as you stop looking for recognition, you will be much happier.

Do not write a post in order to humiliate your ex-partner

Even if past relationships your partner has been a disaster, keep your opinions to yourself. Laying out the posts about the former relationship your partner you will only produce the impression of a man who is not confident in their own respects.

Neely Steinberg, the relationship expert, believes that a comment about his ex may seem like an attractive idea, especially if it interferes with your relationship. However, such a statement of his dislike is a manifestation of passive aggression. Leave it only between you, your thousands of followers or friends should not know about it.

If your partner has chosen you among all the others whom I had met — he had a reason for it. Enjoy it, and leave his exes in the past.

Social networking is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and make new ones. Do not argue, to put their relations on display can be very nice, but only if it is done correctly. Try to avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article. Not everyone should share Feisbuc or Twitter. The less you put your relationship on display – the stronger they will be.