Never utter these words looking in the mirror!

Techno 24 February, 2018

2018-02-24 09:59

Never utter these words looking in the mirror!
Strange but true! 13 phrases that categorically it is impossible to speak in front of a mirror

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The mirror can remember our thoughts and transmit them to the outside world. Sorcerers and alchemists have long used the mirror in their rituals. Careless handling can destroy your life and the lives of your loved ones, reports Rus.Media.

Magic mirrors

In childhood my grandmother told me a long time to sit in front of a mirror. She claimed that in this way the mirror “pulls” of my health and beauty. I didn’t realize this until I found out that scientists have proved the harm of eating in front of the mirror — the body is very poor at learning the products and you can get indigestion.

But that’s not the worst. Thrown in front of a mirror bad phrase can cause a lot of problems. After all, what is happening in front of him then back through the mirror back to the real world.

What phrases not to say in front of a mirror

1. “How am I hurting from it all”

Attracts a variety of diseases and unpleasant symptoms.

2. “Everything is bad”

And will be even worse if you say that to your reflection.

3.”I’m fat and greasy”

Still no one came to lose weight from those words. But to digestive problems, bulimia or anorexia — easily!

4. “The horror!”

Troubles start to haunt you and all the family, if you do not refuse the words.

5. “I’m ugly”

The appearance will deteriorate appear skin rashes.

6.”What a fool I am!”

Leads to memory loss and mental decline.

7. “No money…”

Strong programming yourself for poverty, money will flow away like water.

8. “Look disgusting”

Saying these words in front of a mirror, you literally discourage all the people to avoid you.

9. “I’m sad…”

This phrase only increases the boredom that can cause depression and other diseases.

10. “Look miserable”

Turns existing problems in non-current.

11. “Tired of everything”

Risk losing a soul mate, a loved one. Children no longer listen.

12. “I’m suffering”

Similar in meaning to the word “hurt”. Existing ailments escalate into serious illness.

13. “Who am I?”

Even once uttered, this phrase is already able to create a rift in relationships with family, friends, loved ones.

Highly recommend to control their words and thoughts, not to send the negative. After all, even carelessly thrown his reflection the word is able to materialize a serious problem. More often praise yourself, love your reflection, its own characteristics. Turn disadvantages into positive aspects.

I make it a rule never to go to the mirror with a bad mood and thoughts. And especially not to assess his reflection critically.

You’re the only one of its kind. No one can take your place, and you should not take someone else’s. Each of us was created unique and the world needs diversity.

This does not mean that we should abandon the standards. But don’t demand the impossible from yourself, better to say, “I will continue to work and stay focused until you reach your goal. Even then, I will continue to work, because success is a journey, not a destination”.

I hope this article will convince you not to say harmful destructive phrase every day. Don’t blame and don’t put yourself down in front of the mirror. More likely to say that you’re happy, beautiful, successful and rich. Through this simple ritual, the mirror will cease to be your enemy and a cause of unhappiness.

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