New optical illusion! Another reason not to trust my own brain!

Techno 13 December, 2017

2017-12-13 09:34

New optical illusion! Another reason not to trust my own brain!
You see in the picture black-and-white lines on a gray background? Ha! Well, you give!

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Japanese psychologist Kohnke Thakali have discovered a new species of optical illusion, reports Rus.Media. He devoted his whole scientific work of the phenomenon that, under certain conditions, our brain sees the zigzags where there really are smooth.

In the picture above, the brain is an ordinary normal person sees smooth lines and zigzags that alternate. (If you don’t have, most likely, you and the Terminator arrived from the future, well, you know!) In fact, all of the lines in the picture are wavy.

If you look closely, to unravel the illusion is simple: “cheating” the brain is the line in which the color change occurs at critical points of maximum and minimum. The line where the color changes on the arc, the brain perceives normally.

His work Kohnke Thakali called Curvatore Blindness that we translated from Japanese as “Blind bends”.

As a result, the psychologist concludes that the reason for this phenomenon is the evolution that the lack of input causes the brain to make a choice in favor of the corners. And it has nothing to do with how many times as a child you were sent to the corner to think!