New technologies, Construction of aerocrete

Techno 14 March, 2018

2018-03-14 13:30

New technologies, Construction of aerocrete
Technology is not standing still and are developing every year.

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Today, there are many different materials for building houses. One of the new and popular at the moment is the construction of aerated concrete, reports Rus.Media.

Construction of houses of aerocrete’ve met not often, but now this material is increasingly used for the construction of private houses and multi-storey. Aerocrete relatively large weight. This eliminates the need to build a solid Foundation, as the weight of the buildings from aerated concrete blocks will be less than the weight of the building of a different material. But keep in mind that the Foundation needed a strong one that will not cave in. Otherwise the house can cause cracks.

One of the advantages of aerated concrete is the ease of installation. This material is easy to transport and carry to the desired location. This material is durable and will last a long time in operation. A house built of aerated blocks, will have a low conductivity. That is, the material does not conduct cold in winter and heat in summer. In the house at any time of the year would be a comfortable temperature.

The house will be cozy and comfortable to live at the expense of good sound insulation. The structure of the aerated concrete allows to absorb the sound waves, due to this extraneous sounds do not interfere, and will not bring not include. Feature of this material is its fire resistance. Aerated concrete is able to withstand interaction with open fire in two times more than other materials.

The building is erected from aerated concrete will be the ideal place to stay. Since the material is eco-friendly and high quality. Inside the building will always remain fresh air and the necessary humidity. This is due to the porosity of the material.

Aerocrete there are several types. Smooth gas blocks are universal. They can be used in the construction of various types of buildings. They have the form of a parallelepiped with sides of different sizes. Another version of the aerated concrete blocks with a groove ridge. Thanks to this installation, you can save considerably on the mounting glue. Aerocrete MON-forms are used as the formwork for complex structures. U-shaped blocks exist to simplify the construction of individual structures of the building. Thus, the construction of houses of aerocrete is a respectable and profitable. The house of such material will serve long.