Nintendo NES Classic Mini: Build a console before the restock?

Techno 23 January, 2017

While the restock is slow to arrive and Nintendo communicates very little about a possible return of the machine to the European market, discover how to make your own console.
While Nintendo NES Classic Mini is back in production in the United States , Europe Nintendo is desired in a return of the machine in the European market. No restock for the moment, and no Big N communication on the subject . It’s very simple, even Amazon is not able to tell if its site will offer the machine again. So, to avoid losing hope, writing offers a video I found on the net to make your own console , here with a NES game cartridge (it still has more style). However, you are reminded that the use of ROM is illegal.
A tutorial that must be followed, not because the construction is complex, but because it seems easy to get lost. Aside from the amount of USB and other common carrier, it will obtain an essential part to play: the P Zero Raspberri . It is a printed circuit board similar to that of the Nintendo machine. For a full list of everything you need is here . Remember, it will also visit some sites, the video shows, and download files or software to run the beast (or Retropi ApplePi-Baker, for example). Earlier, you spoke the drafting of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini and showed you how to add games. Have you received your NES Mini?