Nintendo Switch: Des Joy-Con NES version

Techno 19 July, 2017

Tired of your classic Joy-Con? Want to blow a retro wind on your Nintendo Switch Controllers? The editor offers you an ultra cool (but a little expensive) solution to discover here.

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the videogames cartoons of the year. A success that benefits the Japanese firm, but also manufacturers of accessories that are enjoying themselves since the release of the Big N machine. It must be said that level accessories, Nintendo has not really proposed big -chose – three colors of Joy-Con, and then that’s about it – leaving plenty of room for a lot of clever little guys who offer variants of the console or dock controller like this Nintendo Switch GameBoy Advance SP.

A niche on which launched the Colorware site, which offers Joy-Con retro to the colors of the NES. Camaïeu of gray, font identical to the original (and red), glossy buttons … Everything is there. On the other hand, the price, it, could well make you jump: 199 dollars (and three weeks of waiting after sending). When we know that a pair of Joy-Con costs about 90 euros, we think it’s a little expensive paid but the quality is there. Several days ago, the editor talked about the Nintendo Switch and the transfer of backup soon.