Nintendo Switch: Discover the first console ad, unveiled during the Superbowl

Techno 2 February, 2017

The release date of the Nintendo Switch is approaching dangerously, and a very first publicity has just been unveiled. It will not be broadcast anytime, since you will have the opportunity to see it this weekend, Sunday, February 5 to be precise, during the Superbowl final.
Every year, even if you hate American football, you can not miss out on the event. Followed by millions of people around the world, the Superbowl final has become a real must-see event of the season. In addition to exceptional concerts that are held at half-time (Lady Gaga this year, Beyoncé last year), this evening is also a great way for advertisers to hit a huge hit with top-level advertising sports . And this year, there will be gaming in the air during halftime, as the Switch Nintendo will unveil its first advertising time for a 30-second spot , which you can already find the right long version here. A first in the history of Nintendo , and a very big publicity stunt for the Japanese company, especially considering the price of such an investment, approximately $ 4.5 million in 30 seconds, a whopping 150,000 Dollars per second. We understand why the Nintendo Switch exceeded 300 euros during his announcement .
During these 30 seconds of commercials, nothing new under the sun. We find the most anticipated games of the new machine of Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, which could have an alternate ending , Splatoon 2, Mario Kart, and all the innovations created for the next brand console. If this first advertising focuses primarily on portable capabilities of the Switch , it does not forget to remind that the console can also be used as traditional living room console, and so bring the whole family for playing and sharing hours. For Nintendo America’s vice president of marketing, Nicolas Chavez, this first publicity will be an opportunity to reach as wide a audience as possible. “The Switch is changing the rules we play on video games, and we thought it would be as consistent to change the way we communicate.” The fourth quarter of the Superbowl is traditionally the most watched and therefore the most profitable. very excited by this publicity stunt ” . If you also have flashed on the dynamic and lively music of the commercial, know that it is Believer , Imagine Dragons. What do you think of this first advertisement for the Nintendo Switch?