Nintendo Switch: Online will cost less than 27 euros per year

Techno 2 February, 2017

Maybe even less than 20 euros according to the President of Nintendo Mr. Kimishima himself!
So, that’s good news! We confess that, vis-à-vis the price of the next Nintendo Switch accessories , had begun to fear when the company announced that the online services would be paid … annual subscription-based The Online’s approach was Started with Microsoft and Sony when generating PS3 and Xbox 360 and the quality of their services is indisputable. But still, ask 50 euros per user for 1 year of online gaming while more and more multi games are only played through the net, is not it abused anyway?
By asking to pay for online, Nintendo joined the dark side of the Force he will say it … Yeah except that M.Kimishima, current president of Nintendo has revealed that the site Nikkei price this annual subscription would range in the range of 17.50 to 26.50 dollars per year . If you round up to a maximum of 30 euros a year, it will simply be 2.5 euros per month in the worst case. Even if we do not appreciate the process of charging for online services, it must be admitted that if they are up to scratch and the NES and SNES games offered regularly by Nintendo in case of subscriptions are good, there is Not enough to whip a Miaouss for the asking price. For example, Splatoon on Switch 2 is a game that requires payment to access online features. What do you think of the price of online on Switch?