Nintendo Switch: The console reaches its true basic price (300 euros)

Techno 27 January, 2017

The console finally arrives at the price which it should have been from the beginning … Preorder it for 299 euros with 30 euros of voucher more here.
The price of the next console Nintendo is only declining since the days of its announcement! Indeed, for example you can find a pack with the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda Breath of 359.99 euros for the Wild here . You thought it was an unbeatable deal? Well not quite in fact, the war to the ensign that will offer the best price continues. Amazon, Rue du Commerce, Fnac , all are getting into! … Unless of course Micromania, the bad student who has always practiced the maximum price for each set of output and console.
In short, today and if you want to get the console, the best deal is proposed by the FNAC. Indeed, the chain offers the console to 299 euros with a voucher for 30 euros (by entering the code SWITCH30 when ordering) for Fnac members. This offer shows even more that, as we stated in our article about the price of the Nintendo Switch , the console was sold 30 euros too expensive here in France. All the signs (except Micromania) will surely use this small price manipulation to make believe a drop in prices whereas this sum of 300 euros is probably the fixed price that there should have been the base. But hey, we’ll hit the Nintendo console not too expensive, so we will not complain! Have you pre-ordered your Switch?