Nintendo Switch: Voice chat application finally available

Techno 19 July, 2017

Nintendo offers a little before the scheduled date (July 19th instead of the 21st) to download the smartphone application Nintendo Switch Online, which allows chatting via voice chat.

It is the owners of the last-born Big N who are going to be happy. The Japanese firm has just launched, a few days before the scheduled date (it was due out on July 21, that is in two days), its mobile application of voice chat Nintendo Switch Online. A download that was to be possible on the occasion of the release of Splatoon 2, and which is now available in most countries of the globe as reported by many Internet users having downloaded it. For the moment, this app is available in Japan, North America, Australia and most of Europe. What about France, often lagging behind videogame events? You can download it right now (on the AppStore anyway, it’s possible, the editor has just done it).

What does the application offer, in addition to voice chat? On the AppStore, the description is very clear: “The Nintendo Switch Online application was designed to allow you to enjoy the best game online on Nintendo Switch” reads. And to continue: “With it, you can access information about game-specific services, invite your friends, via social networks, to play with you and to use voice chat during your games.” However, after the full launch of the subscription service, it will be necessary to heat the credit card: “From the full launch of the service, a subscription fee will be required to continue to use this application” can also read on the AppStore . Two days ago, the editors were talking about the Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con version NES.