Nokia 3310: A special edition in the colors of Trump and Putin unveiled

Techno 11 July, 2017

This may seem incredible but yes a Nokia 3310 in the colors of US President Donald Trump and Russian head of state Vladimir Putin is now on sale. The phone takes another dimension.

Currently at the G20 on Hamburg side in Germany, US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are far from imagining what is going on behind them. Indeed, the Russian brand Caviar – it is not invented – has seen great for the high-end customization of the latest Nokia 3310 recently copied by a Chinese manufacturer. The phone of nostalgia takes on a whole new dimension with its back hull struck by the faces of the two leaders “emblematic-polemic” of this planet. If you think this phone will give you a great look, you will have to empty your wallet …

Dated from the G20 of July 2017, this edition “collector” wants to refresh the somewhat strained Russo-American relations of recent times. Thus, the titanium seal with the faces of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is supposed to represent justice according to its manufacturer. It is up to you to see if Caviar’s sales arguments are convincing enough to want to disburse 149 000 rubles or the tidy sum of 2164 euros
. Knowing that the 2017 version of the Nokia 3310, now available from Carrefour and Fnac, costs only 159.90 euros, the choice soon seems to be made. These are great savings for the summer holidays!