Nokia: Thanks to ZEISS, its future smartphones will have a quality of photo at the top level!

Techno 6 July, 2017

Nokia has just announced a partnership with ZEISS, a specialist in photo and precision optics. Future Finnish smartphones promise to be very successful in this field.

Photo quality is one of the major buying criteria, and builders have understood it. This is why they are constantly working on the improvement of their sensors, in order to attract more and more users. Last year, Huawei announced a partnership with Leica, which allowed its P9, Mate 9 and Mate 10 to integrate the ranking of the best photophones on the market. And more recently, OnePlus has teamed up with DxO to develop a more powerful and more productive OnePlus 5 than ever before. But soon, it is the Nokia smartphones that should stand out in this field … The Finnish manufacturer has just joined ZEISS, whose expertise is no longer to prove.

ZEISS is a precision optics company, whose high-end photographic lenses are renowned. With it, future Nokia smartphones will become full-fledged photophones, offering “a complete imaging experience that not only sets the standard but redefines it,” says the CEO of HMD Global. The watchwords? Excellence and innovation. It promises ! With this new partnership, Nokia is demonstrating its desire to design high-quality smartphones that are able to compete with market leaders. While waiting to see it come to fruition, do not hesitate to obtain a Nokia 3310 2017 from Carrefour or Fnac.