Now, Ponyo yourself and do it with your fingers, and not blow it out. Find out why

Techno 26 January, 2018

2018-01-26 12:43

Now, Ponyo yourself and do it with your fingers, and not blow it out. Find out why
For cleansing of mind and soul people go to Church. But there is a category of people who come even here to reset it on unhappiness problems, to put a spell on more successful. Whether you agree with it or not, a purely personal matter.


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As if this is outrageous and absurd did not sound, but in the Church you can run into a witch or vampire energy. At least many people say so. There are many prejudices in this respect. We will discuss the possible behavior of witches, so you can protect yourself and loved ones from possible misery.

This article is purely exploratory in nature, and do not get too close to take this information, because the fact of the existence of evil forces is impossible to prove.

But some people claim to be victims of sorcerers that way, so we decided to pay attention. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

How to behave in Church
To feel confident in the Church and know how to behave properly in this place, what to do and when, we recommend you to consult with a priest, and with local grandmothers. Meanwhile, we will tell you what “people say”.

Before entering the Church to give alms to the poor, while himself speak: “do not become scanty hand of the giver”. The output also should not do it, because with the money you give away what was coming, asked the Lord and the saints.

Said to recognize witches and wizards it is possible for some characteristics. Being in the Church or adjoining areas, pay attention to people who are around you.

Witches and wizards try to cross the fingers or the hand to the left hand lay right hand. In the temple they are standing so that his back was always covered from the altar. And to leave the Church try and slowly back.

Another important point: in the Church you can get around counterclockwise and poke your finger, then be back to suck your energy. If this happens, then immediately, do not hesitate to touch this man’s left hand, so the damage went back.

Also, special attention should be paid to candles, because it is through them witches often do rituals. There are many prejudices on this subject, about which we’ll tell you.

How to use Church candles

Many beginners don’t know where to put the lit candle. Such a person will definitely try to come by a witch or sorcerer with the Council. The man said: “Put the candle and get out of the Church backwards”. If you do, you will bring upon yourself damage.

In the temple it is not advisable to light a candle from matches or lighters, from the lamps that burn in the center. In any case, don’t burn your candle from the adjacent, not to win over other people’s problems. Also don’t let others to set fire to your that they not away your happiness.

Stay close to your candles that you put on good, until will not burn through most of it half. Because it can just remove and put another.

Now, Ponyo yourself and do it with your fingers, and not blow it out.

Note: you lit the candle, away from her, and she suddenly bloat. Do not be lazy and look at his feet. You can stand on the damned needle. But if you look at things realistically, then this could be just a faulty fuse.

And lastly. Can be such situation: you’re walking down the street near the Church, and to you dear grandmother, who asks you to count the number of domes.

Not do this! They say that the domed Orthodox Church are thrown alone, triceps relocating anxiety, fears, problems with the law, the five-domed different disease.

This does not mean that you need to bypass the Church party. On the contrary, come to this place as soon as you have this inner desire. Just know that not all people have good intentions, but that’s life and it should not be an obstacle for any of your actions.

Take these tips, maybe someday they will be able to help you.