Oculus Connect 4, the special VR conference is confirmed

Techno 27 June, 2017

It’s official: the 4th conference of Oculus Connect will take place mid-October 2017 and should mark a turning point for virtual reality! MeltyStyle makes you the topo.
The VR Conference of Oculus has a date: October 11 and 12 in San Jose, California. This conference will be an opportunity for Oculus to bring together its developers specialized in virtual reality. On the program, press conferences, announcements and presentations around this universe. Since the acquisition of Oculus in 2014 by Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg communicates enormously around the RV. Last year, the founder of Facebook presented Facebook Spaces, a sort of Second Life in RV! For now, we know that many games are to be expected (Skyrim VR, Fallout 4, Doom …) and that conf confidently raises the veil on our questions concerning Monterey, the autonomous helmet which will make pale that of Gear VR .
For this 4th edition, the first ambition of Oculus will be to open the RV to the general public. At the moment, the VR does not have good press: too expensive, inconvenient, not ultra comfortable … Bandai Namco hopes all the same to democratize it with its arcade in Tokyo . We do not know what Oculus plans on his side to reconcile the general public who still sulks it … Will there be news of the helmet Monterey autonomous? We hope so! The seats of this conference are not yet on sale, but you can register on the site to be alerted of their sale in advance! The program should follow in the wake … So, patience! What do you expect from the Oculus Connect 4 conference?