Of the confidential information inadvertently disclosed to cyber criminals

News 22 March, 2018
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    Thursday, march 22, 2018 14:37

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    OTTAWA | The trials and tribulations of Facebook securityin the context of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica renewing attention on the companies and the organizations with which Canadians deal. Their personal data are properly protected? What are the real threats that hang from the tip of the nose of users?

    The Authority the canadian internet registration (CIRA) announced Thursday the results of a poll just on cyber security in the country. Almost 2000 businesses and organisations, including government agencies, have responded to the questions between November 2017 and January 2018.

    There we learn that one-third of respondents, or of the holders of areas .CA have admitted that the users had inadvertently disclosed information confidential due to the tactics of phishing.

    Seventy-seven percent of owners of estates of small businesses are also said to be concerned or very concerned in relation to a possible attack by cyber attack.

    “We believe that the implementation of a best Canada online goes through a the internet safe and secure, said Jacques Latour, chief technology officer at CIRA. One of the roles of the ORGANIZATION is to ensure that the users of the internet in Canada take advantage of the tools and infrastructure in place to protect and ensure the online security of their businesses and their families.”

    The stroke of the probe also indicates that 19% of the enterprises have been the target of software rançonneurs, in the last 12 months. During the same period, 22 % of large organisations have suffered an attack by DDoS, is a denial of service attack to make it unavailable.

    Finally, 36 % of the individual holders of domains have not spent any amount on cyber security last year.