OnePlus 5: According to the manufacturer, the bug of the screen would now be due to our eyes

Techno 11 July, 2017

For the manufacturer of the OnePlus 5, the bug of the screen would not really be his fault. The Chinese firm clears its way by incriminating our eyes. A confused explanation that has trouble to pass.

A few days ago, the manufacturer of the OnePlus 5 wanted to reassure all those complaining of a bug on the screen. Indeed, several users complained to the Chinese firm to express their dissatisfaction. The cause ? Tremors occur when scrolling vertically on the smartphone screen. Named the “Jelly Effect” – reminiscent of the trembling jelly that the Anglo-Saxons crave for dessert – it remains however very unpleasant to the naked eye for its complainants. The latter not convinced of the explanations of OnePlus – the firm having affirmed that all this was normal – returned to the charge and the answer was scathing.

Through a tweet – since deleted but recovered thanks to our colleagues of BGR – OnePlus explains that the so-called ‘Jelly Effect’ is due to the persistent look of the user towards the screen (phenomenon of the still view or the duration of vision)”. In short, it is the fault of those who complain, which, it is recalled, were already considered “a small number” by the Chinese firm. Clearing up completely, OnePlus does not seem to be in a position to deal with this problem. Hence the tweet disappears on the account @OnePlus_Support. According to XDA, taken over by Phonandroid, the bug is due to a reversal of display of the screen AMOLED. The process is related to the placement of the dual photo sensor at the top of the smartphone. The latter would take up too much space. Therefore, the problem of the screen can not be solved … A very bad news for the OnePlus 5 which multiplies the bugs lately.