OnePlus 5: Buying it on GearBest is not really a good plan!

Techno 20 July, 2017

If you want the OnePlus 5 at a low price, you probably hesitate to crack for the GearBest offer. But beware, the incompatibility of the adapter could quickly make you disillusion.

The OnePlus 5 is the smartphone of the moment. Fast, powerful and with a good camera, OnePlus’ latest “toy” is the flagship killer par excellence. Thanks to its Snapdragon 835 processor and its 6 or 8 GB RAM, the Chinese smartphone offers a very good user experience. Marketed from 499 euros, the OnePlus 5 is available at only 392 euros at GearBest. But be careful, the incompatibility of the charger and some other blackheads could make you disappoint.

According to a buyer of the OnePlus 5 on GearBest, the surprise was total when paying his smartphone. He had to add 29 euros for customs duties. Pis, the OnePlus 5 Dash charger was incompatible with the plugs in France! In other words, if you offer the OnePlus 5 at GearBest, you may need to look for an adapter to charge your smartphone. In order not to complicate the task, the editor advises to buy this terminal on the official website of OnePlus.