OnePlus 5: The most powerful smartphone in the month of June

Techno 14 July, 2017

Like every month, AnTuTu offers its benchmark of the best smartphones available. Last June, the famous OnePlus 5 was the leader of the ranking.

The OnePlus 5, barely available, is a sure bet for smartphones. You may even read this article from your brand new Chinese phone with powerful technical features (for a lower price than the competition). But while the OnePlus 5 had challenged the iPhone 7 in an expected video speed test, the Chinese flagship this time illustrated in the AnTuTu benchmark of June. This prestigious test allows you to distinguish the smartphones recently released that are illustrated by an impressive technical sheet and in this small game, competition is rather tough. So it’s a great victory for the OnePlus 5.

Not to mention that during this test, the OnePlus 5 crashed the Samsung Galaxy S8 + or the iPhone 7 Plus, two prestigious phones that had been talking about them in recent weeks and months. The Samsung Galaxy S8, whose Mini version has been denied by Samsung, will therefore rely on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to hope to be back at the top of the standings. The competition in September with this phablette and the iPhone 8 is likely to be rather rough. On our side, we have already drawn the popcorn for duels that we imagine tight! Meanwhile, the OnePlus 5 can continue to strut in the first place ….