OnePlus 5: The smartphone packs in India during the Amazon Prime Day

Techno 17 July, 2017

The OnePlus 5 carton in the Indian subcontinent. The Chinese smartphone took the top spot on the Amazon Prime Day. What to reassure the manufacturer after a few stormy days.

OnePlus can regain a smile. The Chinese manufacturer sees good news arriving for a few days. Despite feedback from users of the OnePlus 5 reporting bugs, the smartphone was voted the most powerful in June by the AnTuTu benchmark. But that’s not all. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has released more than encouraging figures to OnePlus reporting its smartphone sales during its Prime Day in India. The subcontinent market is of course very important for manufacturers who sometimes offer exclusive smartphones in the Gandhi country. This year, the OnePlus 5 was the success of Prime Day.

OnePlus welcomed this success. His smartphone topped the ranking, ahead of competitors like Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Honor and Motorola. As mentioned above, the OnePlus 5 – corrected by an update of OxygenOS – has undergone a bad sequence during these last days. In fact, a bug on his screen that suffers from trembling when scrolled up. Nicknamed the “Jelly Effect”, the problem was mismanaged by OnePlus and its Twitter account @OnePlusSupport questioning the view of its users showing a certain lack of pedagogy. However, although everything is not settled, OnePlus can blow and consider a few days of respite.