OnePlus: One bug endangers US users of OnePlus 5

Techno 20 July, 2017

Until now, many users have complained about the bugs of OnePlus 5. But none of them could endanger the lives of its users as the latest in the United States!

Since the release of the OnePlus 5, the problems seem to multiply. Between its screen victim of distorted distortions, a sound that bug, a SAV who row severe, nothing is spared to the firm! But the last bug in date is a little less fun since it causes the OnePlus 5, which has faced Honor 9 during a speed test video, when the user is calling … the emergencies ! It was a Reddit user who discovered the bug when he called 911. Another one then tried to call backup before the phone rebooted: the video is available below. Fortunately, this bug does not concern French users!

Frandroid, a famous site devoted to the Android mobile operating system, tried to call 112 in France and did not notice a bug. OnePlus then confirmed that our country was not affected by this big problem. But then what caused this crash of OnePlus 5, that we could test and give you our impressions about it? This would be the automatic localization of Android. A bug that had already occurred with previous versions. At the moment, Frandroid has contacted OnePlus, which says it is trying to solve this big problem as soon as possible!