Overwatch: The maj of Bastion becomes precise and will soon arrive on the PTR

Techno 1 February, 2017

Bastion will undergo a serious maj so that it becomes a character of choice in the meta of Overwatch.
Players of Overwatch the all aware, the trend of the moment is to take 3 tanks compete and frankly, the least we can say is that Bastion is rarely a viable option. To counter this lack of usefulness of the poor robot, it is undergoing a total rework in the manner of Symmetra lately. Geoff Goodman, Lead Designer of Overwatch is trying to work on Bastion , here is what he says:
“It will be possible to test the following improvements on the PTR: The dispersion of the shots and a loader with greater capacity in Reconnaissance mode. One tries to make the Turret mode like a kind of destroyer of tank and barrier, without necessarily making to feel that to pass in this mode is suicide. It is possible that we remove the possibility of making headshots while taking less damage. For repair, it will be possible to use by moving, but by making the operation of the repair limited in time, as the defense D.Va ” . Apparently, these various changes will be on the Blizzard test servers shortly. Let’s just hope this rework will not suffer the same fate as Symmetra which rendered completely OP … What do you think of this rework Bastion in Overwatch?