Pavel Globa: “Pleasant moments will come in life each zodiac sign, but only if…»

Techno 7 February, 2018

2018-02-07 18:46

Pavel Globa: “Pleasant moments will come in life each zodiac sign, but only if…»
Horoscope for February for all Zodiac Signs.

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So it is 2018, and even passed all the Christmas holidays, and glancing at the calendar, with a slight surprise that it’s February, reports Rus.Media. Time, unfortunately, flies. Therefore it is very important to a positive attitude and start from the first months of the year to move towards planned goals and desires.

And that all scheduled and our plans come true and your strength has not been wasted, see the stars, but rather, to astrological charts.

As says the famous astrologer Pavel Globa, February will reveal many signs of the zodiac new ways of development, and someone even have to look at your life, to break all the stereotypes.

We have prepared for you useful tips Pavel Globa February 2018 for each sign of the zodiac.


For tireless Aries February will be eventful! From the beginning of February many Rams may be in for an unexpected trip, meeting new people and the opportunity to improve their financial situation. Best prospects will be the Rams and in the work — your case will go to the mountain.

Since mid-February family Aries will plunge headlong into the atmosphere of romantic, tender and affectionate feelings. Free Aries will definitely meet your soulmate, if configured to start in February in a serious relationship. I do not doubt, the Prince had already mounted his horse and rushes to you on the first date.

Don’t forget to take care of their health — in February 2018 expected new outbreak of colds. And even in February there are sometimes some difficulties — the Rams have the strength to overcome all obstacles.


For a thorough Taurus February will be the most dangerous month this year. It will be unproductive and grey, so not to fall under the power of household problems, you need a change of scenery and a better angle of view. To avoid failure in the work, the astrologer advises Calf to just wait it out this time. Lead business quietly, but at the same time not forget about self-development.

On the personal front, representatives of this sign waiting for a new sympathy, which can turn from banal flirting in the attachment. And to save the family fortune Pavel Globa advises that Calves not be selfish and try to compromise. Personal interests must not be at the head of everything!

The last month of winter says everyone born under this sign need to exercise. The liver and gallbladder are the most vulnerable in February 2018. Pay attention to these organs, and if they start to bother you, go immediately to the doctor.


In February of this year, gambling Twins are full of energy and strength. However, because of this they are unable to embrace not only your own but someone else’s work. Be careful, as others will go all out to try to take advantage of this. Don’t let sit on his neck!

Pavel Globa advises the Twins in February in the first place to put relationships with family and friends. If you give them enough time, now is the best time to catch up.

Also, do not postpone the decision of serious questions for later, all you have to do at the time. On the love front in February will be active hostilities. Here such unexpected turn of fate, but do not despair, things will get better soon.


This month many will be able to start their path to happiness, and Cancers are no exception. There’s a good chance that your life will be a man who will share life experience and will help get rid of anxiety.

New people who find Cancer in February, will be very useful in the future. And yet, as you wanted, try not to rush things, let things run their course!

In the settlement of cases and even power Pavel Globa advises Cancers to listen more to your intuition.


Aristocratic to the Lions in February, Pavel Globa advises to focus on issues of a personal nature. According to the astrologer, this is an area of life in which the Lions will be able to achieve success and to get maximum pleasure.

To feel happy, the Lions need to do what you love. Because of this you will forget about all problems and will cease to focus on totally unimportant things. Health in this winter month Lion will not fail, most importantly, eat right and not take the bad thoughts in the head.

February for representatives of this zodiac sign should be a month of discovery and self-improvement. In business change is expected. You will be given a chance to change the fate, but take it or not will depend on you.


In February, the beautiful Virgins will finally be able to understand the main reasons which prevent to move forward. The consciousness will come dramatically, but fear is not worth it — you’ll have a chance to change yourself, and then your life will be better, brighter, happier. In many respects it is a merit of Saturn, which during the month will not change its position. Being in Capricorn, this planet-the patron will give you the opportunity to realize himself and to manifest a spiritual awareness.

In February 2018, the Virgo will discover a lot of interesting, creative Hobbies tightened with the head of every representative of this sign. To paint a picture no worse than Malevich — here it is, mission accomplished, and Virgo must implement the plan. Even there’s no doubt you will succeed!

In February you should be careful of colds, otherwise you can lose your voice.


February is considered the Scales will help to get rid of many problems, especially those that are somehow connected with money. But despite this, you may feel some lack of confidence in their own abilities. Just try to think positive. This will help Libra to cope with all the troubles.

Personal life should not be in second place, in February of this year on the love front will be military action. Unmarried and unmarried Libras should not have short novels.

Do not spray on a few candidates. There should be one, the ideal to which you always aspire. And if it does not, know this: in 2018 you will encounter!


The warm attitude of the people that should be the hallmark for the mysterious Scorpio in February. The fact that at the helm is militant Mars, which enriches your concern. For peace of mind representatives of this sign need to feel understanding and approval from other people.

Stars warn Scorpion about what this month will have to have the courage to make a very important thing. It will bring into your life variety!

In terms of health you should pay attention on the thyroid gland, which in February can be felt. Try to move more, lead a healthy lifestyle — and you will not be afraid of any disease!


Pavel Globa draws the attention of the soul Shooters to the influence of Pluto, half active in Capricorn. This planet rarely changes its position and will not change it in February, but its impact will be significant.

Pluto will be for you a source of energy supply, without which you cease to be yourself. February for Sagittarius is the most stable month of the year, so try to look at the world easier.

In love Sagittarius waiting for new horizons! It is only necessary to push himself to the crucial step, because the initiative partner will expect it from you.


In the last month of winter, the Capricorn will be full of energy, plans and initiatives. At that time, while the others are recovering and trying to start a new life right, you’ve already prepared a detailed plan for the year. Capricorn will act for the benefit of its bright future, without haste, but without retreating.

Saturn Capricorn will give all their strength and power. Your influential this month the planet-patron will help to achieve success in life, the main thing — to go forward to the end.

Pavel Globa advises Capricorns to take the gifts to your address with a smile. Good luck for the whole month will be on your side. So don’t miss the chance and boldly grab the bird of happiness by the tail — you just get lucky.


Venus, which will be in your sign until February 11 will help how to relax, gain strength and consolidate their power. This month Aquarius should learn to live for others.

According to forecasts of Paul Globa, in February, Venus will teach Aquarius to love, she will always satisfy you with strong feelings. Because of this, the mood may be constantly changing. Try in this period to engage in useful things, spending more time on things that previously were ignored.

Because of the large visual stress known astrologer advises Him to consult an eye specialist to check vision. Lenses or glasses? For variety, you can have in the Arsenal of both these wonderful things.


In February the talented fish is waiting for many changes and events. But to respond to them only in the most crucial moment. Make sure of the correctness of our ways and only then start to take steps in this direction. All important will lie on the surface!

Neptune will be strengthened in Pisces all month, Venus in Pisces — is only half, however, these two planets join forces, to guide you in the right direction. That’s why you’ll see around a lot of opportunities, but I can reach only to a few. Do not spray – you’re in for something big, wait for it.

On the personal front, the Fish should expect pleasant surprises, and in terms of health to pay attention to the prevention of viral infections and colds.