Pitbull who disfigured a young girl: Karim Jean-Gilles sentenced to four years in prison

News 23 March, 2018
  • Archival Photo, Frederique Giguere
    Karim Jean-Gilles

    Claudia Berthiaume

    Friday, march 23, 2018 10:27

    Friday, march 23, 2018 10:27

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    Wanting to send a clear message, a judge sentenced the owner of a pitbull who had disfigured a young girl of 7 years old to four years in penitentiary, or one year longer than what the Crown asked.

    “This is a case of gross negligence and extreme. The accused was aware of the danger and did nothing to dismiss it. In short, the table was set for a disaster,” said judge Pierre Bélisle this morning.

    “The risk of recurrence is high, given the indifference and contempt of the law,” he continued.

    Last month, at the courthouse of Longueuil, the magistrate had said Karim Jean-Gilles guilty of criminal negligence causing bodily harm to the little Vanessa Biron.

    This verdict has relieved the parents of the little girl. “This is a chapter that closes, we look to the future”, had shown Bernard Biron after the hearing.

    The parents of Vanessa Biron were not in the court this morning to learn of the sentence imposed on Karim Jean-Gilles.

    The latter is, in Quebec, the first dog owner to have been found guilty of a crime of this type to the outcome of a trial. In the few rare cases of crimes similar in quebec, the accused had pleaded guilty.

    The 20 September 2015, Vanessa Biron went to the park Marquise, Brossard, with his mom and his younger sister.

    The mother of Karim Jean-Gilles was also located there, with two dogs of her son, who had no leash or collar.

    Without warning and for no apparent reason, the pit bull charges at Vanessa. The little girl of 7 years old tried to run away, but the dog has projected to the ground and bitten in the face.

    Enraged, the animal dragged the child on at least three meters. The mother of Vanessa tried to protect him by making a shield of his own body.

    Mr. Jean-Gilles knew that his pitbull and bull mastiffs were dangerous, according to the judge.

    He had already received fines in relation to the behaviour of his dogs, but he had not taken into account.

    The 35 year old man has a criminal record well-stocked.

    More details to come…