Places which are not to have sex. Find out why

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-08 16:58

Places which are not to have sex. Find out why
Although it seems that any sex is good, choosing one time wrong place you will quickly realize that the difference is still there, reports. 10 women shared their experiences when sex was just horrible because the place for what’s happening. 5 of them are really over the edge, but the remaining 5 can work if you proceed with caution.

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Therefore, the prohibited list:

1. In the car on the go. It is not necessary to give a man oral pleasure, when he runs your car is really distracting and often led to accidents.

2. In the car friends. Even if it’s best friends, just put yourself in their shoes: would you then find in his car evidence that happened? And in such turmoil you just some traces, so leave.

3. In nature or in the campaign, if not in the tent, and in some secluded place in the forest. If you’re lucky you escaped with only a scratch, but God forbid you pick up the tick or something.

4. In a public pool. When no one is around, it may seem great ideas. But a little chlorinated water in the eye, and the mood is spoiled. Or the sudden appearance of the children’s group swimming.

5. On the sand. Sex on the beach sounds romantic, until the sand gets into your private parts. At least take care of a bed or lounger.