Plant and grow seedlings, how to choose the seeds, prepare soil, etc

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-08 20:47

Plant and grow seedlings, how to choose the seeds, prepare soil, etc
As a rule, in February, gardeners catches up “sedately” disease, during the winter, we all miss earth and garden centers stimulate the interest of every packet of seeds as a work of art,

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As a rule, in February, gardeners catches up “sedately” disease, during the winter, we all miss earth and garden centers stimulate the interest of every packet of seeds as a work of art, reports Rus.Media. A loss in front of the counter, do not lose vigilance and remember that the most important information is not in the picture, and on the reverse side.

Three “no” when you purchase seeds

  • Do not buy seeds, if the package implementation period is printed. This means that the packing has been manufactured in advance and the date is not true. According to the rules, the implementation period is printed directly at the time of planting seeds, so it is applied a special stamp (blue or black ink).
  • Don’t be afraid to buy seeds in simple white bags. They are inexpensive, but the quality is not inferior to that in the glossy picture. Simply due to the packaging manufacturer reduces the price of the goods, and it becomes more accessible.
  • Don’t let the manufacturers to empty your wallet. Before heading to the store, make a plan for the landings: look how many seeds left from last year, how much you need to purchase. Stock up on seeds for the future do not suggest, first, they lose germination, second, the following year, again according to tradition buy surpluses. But treat yourself also needed: Buy two or three new varieties for the soul and for the experiment. Choose seeds of different manufacturers of different varieties. So more likely to stay with the harvest. And all the results of the experiments be sure to track this information is quickly forgotten.

Soil preparation

Most gardeners buy ready-made soil for seedlings, but it has a lot of top acidic peat and little micronutrients. Through such a land as the water passes through the sieve, the soil is compressed, and the seedling develops slowly. To lock moisture suggest adding to the soil vermiculite (flow directions), it will help to retain moisture. To deacidify peat soil, add ash or dolomite flour. But the main thing – the soil must be decontaminated to bacterial rot at one point was not shattered all the seedlings. Freezing on the balcony is not 100% result, I recommend watering the ground with boiling water, after adding a few crystals of potassium permanganate to get a pale pink solution. Now we need to wait until the ground has cooled after such treatment, the earth becomes sterile, there is no microflora: neither bad nor good. To enliven the soil, add beneficial bacteria, the stores sell a variety of products-chemical fertilizers. After the user enters them in the ground, wait 5-7 days so that microorganisms started to work. Now the ground is ready.

How to make to germinate the seeds

Gardeners came up with many ways to Wake up the seeds and make them sprout before. However, this does not apply to the purchase of planting material, manufacturers have already conducted pre-treatment. Own seeds in the first place you need to etch is to hold them for 20 minutes in a pink solution of potassium permanganate. Seed-letter with strong cover (peas, beans, beans) before sowing is soaked in hot water (80-85°), and it is possible to break the skins by hand: gently rubbing between layers of fine sandpaper.

Large and medium seeds to Wake up will help warm bath (not above 40°). Just do not drown the seeds in the cups, the water should slightly cover, but not “head”. Water, regularly update, and with the appearance of the first germs of it must be drained, and the seeds sprinkle a thin layer and dry.

A special category of seeds with a high content of essential substances that form around a seed of a thick oily film, which prevents germination (dill, celery). The seeds are put in a linen bag, suspended from the crane and washed in warm running water.

How to choose the right time for planting

It seems to be logical: in the early planted – rather harvested. It’s not so simple! In winter, plants are sorely lacking of light, so if it is not possible seedlings to dosvechivat, then set the event in the beginning or middle of March. Another problem that lurks with early sowing: the rooms are very hot and dry, so moisten the soil every day, and the moisture stimulates growth. Hence, the familiar picture in the spring when gardeners do not know how to pack in boxes and not break weak and lanky seedlings. Most likely to grow into tomatoes. Fortunately, this culture is one remarkable feature. If you look at the stalk of a plant, you can see many points tubercles. This is the beginnings of roots, they should bury, as they begin to grow. Take a tall plastic bottle and transplant the plant elongated, suglobov stem approximately 10-15 cm After transplantation pour, after adding water fitosporin to disturbed the roots are not ill. To not add extra work, it is better not to hurry, let the seedlings will be low, but the young and strong than tall and weak, on the verge of drying.

On a note. Seeds retain their viability based on three factors: storage conditions, packaging, and family, which belongs to culture. For example, seeds of the Umbelliferae can remain viable for 2 to 12 years old, pumpkin is about 10 years old, cruciferous up to 5 years.