Pokemon Duel: How to download and install the app before its official release?

Techno 27 January, 2017

Tired of waiting for the official release of Pokemon Duel? Want to play it now? Follow our (simple) tutorial step by step to install the application right now.
Aaaah out an application Pokemon … Always highly anticipated, it is always an event when this happens, and this is not your interest in the new Pokemon Duel that will indicate the opposite. It reminds us of the good times of the beginning of Pokemon GO where it went everywhere except in France, and that some trainers with creating Luxembourg accounts to be able to play in advance by crashing the waiters. Finally with Pokemon Duel, the situation should not be as catastrophic, instead, install the application now and before its release on Android, there’s nothing simpler.
To do this, simply go with your phone on APKpure website and download the APK here . Once you have downloaded it, go to your notification bar to click on the downloaded APK and then start the installation. Well, yes, it’s no more complicated than that. For those with an iPhone and unlike Super Mario Run is already available , it will wait for the official release date for Pokemon Duel in France which is still unknown. Will you install Pokemon Duel?