Pokemon Duel: The new free game arrives on mobile!

Techno 25 January, 2017

Not the duel of Pokemon GO? Too bad, the new Pokemon Duel game arrives on smartphone!
Pokemon GO takes forever to start now … You never know, this might be the opportunity to test the next Pokemon Duel that could do a lot of noise on landing soon on our smartphones. Basically, Pokemon Duel is a strategy game where you fight Pokemon figures . Even if it does not really look super fun on video, we will wait for his release in France to judge.
Apparently, this one will soon be available on Android and IOS. We wish him the same success as Pokemon GO entitled him to fights in arenas, you can also discover how to inflict more damage here . Of course, the application will be free with the possibility to improve its figurines with microtransaction shot. Since Pokemon Duel arrive in France very soon, and will keep you very quickly quad downloading will disponibvle What do you think of Pokemon Duel?