Pokemon Go: A big wave of ban targets cheaters

Techno 25 January, 2017

If you are used to using robots to cheat on Pokemon Go, be careful! The recent Niantic update may well be your last.
With the new update for Pokemon Go, many innovations were introduced in the game . Between the arrival of Shinys, Zarbis, or evolving stones, the developers clearly thought of the players, and we will not complain. Unfortunately for some, Niantic also thought of another type of player by deploying its new update. Indeed, a huge wave of global ban plagued the last few days , penalizing users of bots, this software allows you to walk you around the world without leaving your couch. Even if these bots spoiled the fun of the game, they could also fill your Pokedex at a tremendous speed, whether it’s to pick up the exclusive Pokemon on every continent, or to hatch your eggs in minutes with no effort. But the bots did not end there, because thanks to them, you can automatically take pokestops, and even arenas in an automated way, without even having to launch the game.
If the ban wave has not yet been officially claimed by Niantic, The Road Silph reveals that many users bots players have been purely and simply prohibit access to their game at the start of Pokemon GB. A logical sanction when We know that this method makes it possible to reach game objectives much faster, and that it is not hyper fairplay for other players who use the application normally. You’ll understand if you are a regular user of this type of bot, you should seriously think about quitting your miracle method , under pain of seeing your account banned. It would be a shame, because although Pokemon Go always puts a monstrous time to start , the game still promises a lot of news. Are you concerned about this first wave of ban?