Pokemon Go: A special technique to inflict more arena damage

Techno 24 January, 2017

How to maximize its DPS in arena? There is a very simple technique to do even more arena damage in Pokemon Go!
If we look forward to the update of Pokemon Go that will succeed to that of a week ago, a lot of information has nevertheless filtered through the internet regarding what it should contain. Thus, we discovered that the Master Ball was confirmed by Niantic (and it will probably even possible to have several) . We have also been able to reveal what Pokemon will be able to evolve with new objects that were found in the source code of Pokemon Go . Furthermore, over the weeks, players discover many tricks to gain efficiency in their experience of Pokemon Go: it is thus a technique to put the pause arena battles . This is not the only trick for fighting in the arena. It is possible to achieve a higher DPS thanks to a simple technique to be used in combat.
As a reminder to the neophytes, the DPS corresponds to Damage Per Second, namely in reality your effectiveness in combat. It is thus possible to improve this dps thanks to a simple technique. Normally, in combat, when your loaded attack has its bar filled, you tap the screen for a few seconds to perform it. Now try, when you make a charge attack, to tap on the screen at once you load your attack . This will allow your Pokemon to do a quick attack in addition to your charged attack. On a whole fight, we can imagine that you will earn between 3 and 4 attacks (this will depend of course on the Pokemon you face and level). This can be handy then, to be used to capture all the arenas around the game of Niantic ! What do you think of this technique?