Pokemon Go: How to know if servers are down?

Techno 27 January, 2017

A handy site allows you to discover in real time whether Pokemon Go servers are down or not. A trick of choice to not waste time if the game does not launch!
In recent times, it seems that the Pokemon Go servers are particularly fragile. There are some days, the game has undergone an unwanted closure because of these servers, which were down for about a few hours . Between 21h last night until 3am today, the waiters were in trouble again and many players could not enjoy Pokemon Go during this time. If we obviously hope Niantic will put everything in place so that servers are more stable in the future, we want here reveal a simple way to know if your application does not light up if the servers Are down or not.
If it happens sometimes that simple bugs prevent you from accessing the application, in which case it is generally necessary to turn off the application to rekindle it then, it is sometimes the Pokemon Go servers that do not support the pressure players. To get to the bottom heart if your application fails to launch, we invite you to discover the site here ispokemongodownornot which, as its name suggests, reveals whether or not, Pokemon Go is down or Not in real time. A site practice well to have the heart net when the game can not seem to get started, rather than spending 10 minutes while trying to make it work . We also invite you to discover how to inflict more damage arena with a simple technique in Pokemon Go. What do you think of this site?