Pokemon Go: New attacks have been added to the game, what will they change?

Techno 19 January, 2017

What will change the new attacks that have been unveiled in the Pokemon Go source code, for arena fights?
If the last update of Pokemon Go has been disappointing by its lack of innovations , it will nevertheless have enlightened the players as to what will happen in the sequence of events. Thus, many players have already been interested in the source code of the game, modified, whose investigation makes it possible to discover what has already been implemented to the game without being yet available ingame. We were able to reveal the list of hidden novelties in the source code of Pokemon Go (including the Shiny, the improvement of the customization of the avatars) , and among these novelties, 38 new attacks have been revealed . If we still do not know by what date this novelty will be implemented by Niantic , we can already guess the importance it will have on the daily game experience.

If we are not going to give you the list of the 38 new attacks, note that Dynamopoing, Close Combat, Onde Boréale, Gyroballe, Cheat or Overheat will be part of these new attacks . And that says new attacks, also says meta change! At the moment, the meta is quite fixed, with the usual Lockhlass, Ronflex and Dracolosse who have trusted the high march of the arena since the start of the game. But what makes these three pokemon (besides their very good statistics) , These are the attacks they possess, all very powerful. Only the arrival of new attacks, possibly more powerful than those already existing, could well stir the meta of the arena drastically! One can therefore expect, on the day when these new attacks will be launched, a real upheaval of things in the arena, and it must be confessed, that would be a good thing! What do you think of the arrival of these new attacks?