Pokemon Go: New objects, optimization in performance … the hidden novelties of the source code of the last maj!

Techno 30 January, 2017

What hides the source code of the latest update of Pokemon Go, which was deployed overnight in the US? Many new things!
During the night, a new update has been deployed by Niantic Pokemon GB. We have already been able to reveal here that contains this update 0.55.0 update (Android) and 1.25.1 ( iOS) , but we will now turn our ad on it for the future, thanks to data mining done by specialized players on the subreddit, the Silph Road. Because if this new update does not bring anything new, it still helps to get an idea of what will happen in the next updates, with the modified source code of the game. First, it would seem Niantic that has improved the use of RAM by Pokemon Go application, which should improve game performance . It was also discovered that a new term has been added Niantic : the “Critical Catch” . The literal translation will be “Critical Capture”. In other words, it is possible that in the future it is possible to make critical catches, as it is also possible to make critical attacks arena.
Players also discovered a new type of object: the Bonbon reward. If the code has seen in the past various types of objects, such as items that boost the EXP, or even more recently objects necessary for evolution in Pokemon Go, that a new type of object have made an appearance: the “Candy Award”, ie the sweet reward . In short, it may be possible to get sweets in a different way than those currently used. We could also discover a new badge has been integrated into the game, the badge “Unown”, namely Zarbi badge in French . We also know that many sponsors have been added to the game with this new update. Now, remains to be seen when all this data will actually be implemented in the game! What do you think of these novelties?