Pokemon Go: Spark the leader of the Instinct team absent from the application, our survey

Techno 20 July, 2017

For a few hours, Spark, the leader of the Pokemon GO Instinct team has disappeared from the application. Hit up? Removal? Conspiracy theory ? We’re investigating!

We must save the soldier Spark! Or at least, find it. For a few hours, the leader of the team Instinct has simply disappeared from the application of Niantic. In concrete terms, if you downloaded Pokemon GO’s update 0.69.0, and you belong to the Instinct team, it’s no longer Spark that evaluates your Pokemon, as was the case until then. To replace him, you are entitled to Candela, the leader of the Bravoure team, who obviously takes her replacement role very seriously. Only problem, it does not tell us where his colleague went. So a simple pic or world order? We’re trying to see more clearly.

If Spark has been kidnapped, why are his two colleagues continuing their taf as if nothing had happened, and most of all, why does not anyone seem to care? We imagine that the kidnappers have already claimed a ransom (in sweets?) Against the release of the leader of the team Instinct, but for now, it is total blur. Unless, in reality, Candela and Blanche orchestrated the disappearance of their rival … Too many mysteries in this affair. On the social networks, some Internet users talk about an absence related to the preparation of the Pokemon GO Fest of Chicago, which will be held this weekend, and which should finally introduce the Legendary in Pokemon GO. We find that this theory is too obvious to be true, and that there is a huge conspiracy behind all this.