Pokemon Go: The maj 0.55.0 introduces a new bug

Techno 1 February, 2017

Impossible to escape, Pokemon Go bugs are everywhere!
While we waited with curiosity to discover the disappointing news update Pokemon Go , some players are beginning to be heard, and complain that a new bug has made its appearance in the game . Indeed, for many users, the application crash when opening the medals page. For some rare cases, the personalization of the avatar is also concerned. For now, it is still possible to play “normally” as long as you do not use these features. A handicap that proves to be quite rough, especially if you want to change your head or check your rewards.
An umpteenth bug that finally passes unnoticed in the middle of all the others, and it is finally the most serious. If Niantic regularly deploys new updates to improve the game and bring him some new features, as is currently the case with the arrival of new items in Pokemon Go , the bugs are legions in Pokemon Go, and sometimes lead to the inability to use the application . This, let us admit, is quite unbearable. Hopefully a fix will soon be available, and players will be able to view their medals again and customize their avatars without crashing. Meanwhile, you can also discover Pokemon Duel, the new mobile game stamped The Pokemon Company. Have you been facing this bug?