Pokemon Go: The Masterball confirmed by Niantic (and it should be possible to have several)

Techno 23 January, 2017

The most effective Poke Ball in the Pokemon universe, the Master Ball, has been confirmed by Niantic in Pokemon Go on the official game site
If the fans have suspected the arrival of the Master Ball (the best Pokeball in the history of Pokemon games) for months after a data mining release in July, Had never had official confirmation from Niantic regarding this pokeball (which will certainly serve later to capture the Legendary Pokemon that will be implemented in the game). But now, at the turn of a visit to the official website of Pokemon Go, especially the neophytes to Glossary, we discovered the following description regarding Poké balls: . “The Pokeballs are used to capture wild Pokemon They can be found in Pokéstops or purchased in the store. the Super Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls are Poké balls high performance that allow catch wild Pokemon easier ” . On the Pokemon GB official website, speaking well and truly Master Ball, and talk about it even in the plural!
Fans of classic games Pokemon know: it is normally possible to have only one Master Ball in each game of the original saga , and for good reason: the Master Ball has a 100% catch rate, which Means that it never misses and so it must be used on a Pokemon that is worth it. However here it is clearly visible on the official site of Pokemon Go that we speak well of Master balls, and in the plural please. We can consider this data as Niantic’s official confirmation of the arrival of Master Balls in the game at one time, and one can imagine that this will be when the game will integrate the Legendary Pokemon (still no idea of ​​the date To which the latter will point the tip of their nose). Furthermore, we were able to reveal that new attacks have been added to the game in the source code of Pokemon Go , but not only. We also could come back more recently on the Pokemon that will be able to evolve with new items found in the source code of Pokemon Go . In short, there is a lot of news about the Niantic game! What do you think of this news?