Pokemon Sun & Moon: Where to find berries in the Alola area?

Techno 27 January, 2017

The lush Alola region is full of corners where you can pick up berries. But it is still necessary to know where to find them!
Whether Framby, or Pomroz Mago, the berries can prove to be invaluable in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which ets now compatible with Pokemon bank . Alola is full of these small fruits, and you will see that it is enough to know where to look for picking whole boxes. There are fifty different kinds, so start collecting them already, you will have the opportunity to get them to your Pokemon in prevention of an attack or a change of status, or to use them directly during a fight , If the need arises.
Where to find berry trees?
In the bay field near Highway 2 (Mele Mele)
North of the Pokemon Center of Route 2 (Mele Mele)
East of Route 3 (Mele Mele)
North of Route 4 (Akala)
West of Highway 5 (Akala)
On Route 8 (Akala)
On the wheel 10 (Ula Ula)
On the wild coast near Highway 12 (Ula Ula)
West of Highway 16 (Ula Ula)
North of Highway 17 (Ula Ula)
In the northwest corner of the meadow of Poni (Poni)
In the middle of the prairie of Poni (Poni)
In the northeastern corner of the Poni meadow (Poni)
In the northwest corner of the meadow of Poni (Poni)
Pokemon Sun & Moon
Bays in madness!
If hunting berries, this is not your thing, there is another way to recover precious fruit. Indeed, by visiting the recreation of Poké-islands, you can plant your own berries to harvest later. One kind of Farm Simulator, except that the plants do not rot if you forget them for 2 weeks in the sun. In addition, it strengthens the love of your Pokemon , so it’s all benef ‘for you! You can plant only the berries that interest you, and fill your bag with fruit really useful. After reaching the Bay Kala’e and completed your Pokemon Zygarde in Sun and Moon , please take care of your regular berry crops! Which berries do you prefer to use?